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Farmhouse Chic on a Budget: Creative Tips for Affordable Home Decor

On Sunday, I had a kid and husband free day, so I popped down to Geelong and browsed through a few of my favourite vintage shops, and with no time constraints or complaining from my hubby and kids, I shopped until I literally dropped!

The thing I love about rustic , farmhouse, shabby chic & vintage décor is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can have one, what I like to call ‘hero’ piece, which is a little on the more expensive side, and then coordinate it with some cheaper bits and pieces.

So, Sunday was all about hunting for the cheaper bits and pieces – and boy, did I find them.

Vintage Milk Bottles

I am absolutely obsessed with vintage milk bottles. In fact, I even went as far as joining a group on Facebook dedicated to those who share the same obsession.

You can pick these up for as little as $8-$10 each from vintage shops and they look amazing with some greenery or a small floral bouquet in them. If you really want to add some farm charm to your kitchen, then they look fantastic in our Dairy Bottle Holder too.

Vintage Fold Out Rulers

An obsession of mine for quite a number of years, even before Baxter & Co Home was even a thought, is vintage fold out rulers. I have these in my study to add a touch of rustic charm to the room and these are quite easy to find at vintage shops with prices starting from as little as $18, depending on the condition.

They look great displayed in a desk caddy, on a shelf or even in a rustic pint jug or vase.

Vintage Boxes & Packaging

Another inexpensive way to decorate is with

old packaging and boxes. These can have some really great designs on them, and some can be quite quirky.

These can be picked up for as little as a couple of dollars while more rare ones can fetch in the thousands. I picked up this gorgeous little piece of history, a box from Mr. L. Bissell Optometrist who was located in Little Collins Street, Melbourne in the early 1900’s. This gem was $8 and its neutral colours means it will tie in perfectly in any room on my house.

This one is in great condition and I’m now on the hunt for a pair of vintage specs to pop inside.

Wish me luck!

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