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Santos Cage Dolls & Collectables

Santos Cage Dolls are a unique and beautiful addition to any home decor. These handcrafted dolls are made with care and attention to detail, and are sure to impress anyone who sees them. Whether you're looking for a special gift or just want to add some charm to your own space, Santos Cage Dolls are the perfect choice.

Senora Nonpareil 4.jpg

If you're a lover of collectibles and you're looking for more Santos dolls to add to your ever growing collection, our range at Baxter & Co has you covered. At Baxter & Co we are the only Australian online stockist where you can purchase a Santos cage doll. Our Santos cage doll range is perfect for anyone looking to begin, or build, their Santos doll collection. 


As an online stockist of Santos doll products, it's never been easier for you to browse our Santos cage doll range, choose the Santos doll that speaks to you and have it delivered straight to your door! Shopping for a Santos doll in Australia has never been so simple! 

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